Friday, October 14, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Some Fun Thursday

I was working on my Sassy Cheryl card for this week and I needed some inspiration.  I happened to look up and this is what I saw.  A picture of my 2 boys.  Chase is 17 and Jonathan, aka Fin, aka Finny is 11.  Aren't they the handsomest boys you ever saw?  Oh my gosh, I love these boys. Perfect inspiration for a Nana's heart!

This is my fun for this week's SMT post.  Couldn't think of anything better than this to post.  Now come on be honest.  You HAVE to agree with me.  These 2 boys are the best post you saw all day!

Take a picture of your workspace or your inspiration, post it here and you just may win a digi from the Sassy Cheryl store.  If you want a chance to win a second digi, check out the contest she is running this week on the same post.  You don't have to do anything but name her precious little digi.


  1. You're a proud Nana, aren't ya! This would bring inspiration to anyone. Such great looking boys, you should be proud.
    Thanks for sharing these two handsome boys with us this week and playing in the SMThursday fun.

  2. My eldest daughter thought Chase was very nice...
    Sarah x

  3. Hansom boys Linda! You better get them both a big stick for Christmas to beat off the girls with. Hehe

  4. Nothin' wrong with a Nana sharing a little story about her boys!! LOL!

  5. I totally agree, this is the best blog site I've seen all day. They're both extremely handsome and definitely have their Nana's heart. Great SMT in my very humble opinion.

  6. Look at those good lookin' Tidwells!!! ~jeni :)

  7. its little wonder your a proud Nana Linda...that is two handsome, smart Grandsons
    Mina xxx

  8. You're such a proud Nana! Your grandsons are very handsome.


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