Monday, July 26, 2010

Football Dreams

I made this card for my Little Brother. He was in the hospital (went home today, thank you Jesus). We were all worried about his heart and he was worried about football season starting without him today. He is a football coach and that is his passion. I found this Goofy image in a program I have and knew right away it was my Bobby. My husband suggested the footballs and this card is now perfect for him. I can't wait to hear his response when he receives it in the mail. Ya'll keep him in your prayers because although he went home, he is quite "passionate" about football. We all know what "passion" can do to your stress level and blood pressure!!!!

P.S. Did I mention he is 100% Irish? That Irish "passion" is not a good combination to heart problems......

I love you Bobby, take care of you for me.


  1.'s adorable!!! Glad to hear your brother is feeling better.

  2. Looks even better than your explanation. He is going to love it. Goofy can make anybody feel better. GAWRSH! ~ jeni <3

  3. Thanks BIG Sister.
    You and Jimmy made the perfect card for me. It sets on the of how important life is.
    Please don't worry about me. I am a Murphy. Therfore I will always be alright. Don't forget that you too are a Murphy even though your name is Compton therefore you too will always be alright.
    Love ya,



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