Monday, December 13, 2010


The Polar Express has been a traditional Christmas Eve read for my Grandchildren since they were babies.  My daughter and her family live in Charleston, SC and there is an island full of Christmas lights.  Every Christmas Eve we would have a big dinner and then drive over to see the Christmas lights.  You drive through the park listening to the Christmas Carols, stop at this BIG open fire pit where you roast marshmallows on long sticks.  We then hop back in the car, head for home where the children get to open one present.  We are very tricky in the wrapping and disguise them quite well, because everytime they select the present, it is pajamas.  (You have to have new pajamas for Christmas morning pictures, don't you?)  Then we sit down to read the Polar Express.  Every year one child is selected to "Hold the Bell" while we read it.  They get to ring it everytime we turn the page.  After we finish the story it is time to prepare the special cookies and milk for Santa, the carrots for the reindeer and the cheese for the Christmas Mouse.  Then it's off to bed and I bet there was more than one dream about riding a train to the North Pole. 

This is my creation using Cheryl Alger's Missing Bell Stamp.  I wanted to create a card in remembrance of that wonderful story.  It is now a movie and a family tradition to millions of people.  I hope you like it and have your own Christmas traditions filled with magic.  Remember you just have "TO BELIEVE!

Inside Sentiment


  1. Wonderful card Linda and your Christmas tradition sounds fabulous! Love how everyone gets a new pair of pajamas -- how fun to trick the kids.

  2. I love this card. . . .and since you were the inspiration, I adore it even more!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh Linda, the card is gorgeous, but your traditions brought tears to my eyes. Oh and I had to laugh over the fact that the one present you pick is going to be pajamas. I love hearing about family tradiions.

  4. Sooooo beautiful! Even more beautiful because I know how much these Compton/Tidwell kids love the Polar Express on Christmas Eve. ~jeni :)


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