Saturday, March 17, 2012

A Get Well Card for Momma

I had made this card for another purpose, but the events of yesterday changed it real quick.  My Mom has not been feeling well since my brother left Monday.  She kept attributing it to the excitement of her birthday celebration and sadness of him going home.  I have been trying to get her to come and live with me for the past year now, but she valued her independence so much.  Yesterday, this decision was taken out of her hands and she will now be living with me.

She did not answer her phone when I called yesterday morning.  I was at work so my son went over there to check on her.  She had fallen and several things were on top of her.  She was blocking the front door, so my son called 911 and the most wonderful firemen and medics arrived to break in her back door .  They wisked her off to the hospital before she could protest.  Turns out she has a couple of things going on inside her stubborn body.  She is now hooked up to antibiotics and fluids and will be the guest of the hospital for the next few days.  But this most wonderful doctor told her flat out she would have to live with me or go to a nursing home.  The spunky lady said, "What if I don't, I want to go to my home?"  The marvelous doctor said, "I will have to report you to social services and the decision will be out of your hands".  Guess what her answer was?  "I want to go to Linda's".

Hopefully she will be fine in a few days and home safe and sound where my DH and I can keep an eye on her.  God Help Us, this stubborn tiny little Irish lass will be a handful.  But she is my handful and thank God I have her to take care of.

I had planned on entering this card in Sassy Cheryl's Wearin' Of The Green Challenge this week so I will pop it in there now.  The image is called "Lady Bug In Love" and you can get him here!  I have used him before and love his shyness.  Just look at that face and those feet.  Can't you just feel his discomfort?  Ahh, he is indeed a cutie!

Happy St. Patty's day to all of you Irishmen and those who wish they were on St. Patrick's Day.  LOL


  1. Oh Linda, what a fabulous card for your mother. I'm so sorry to hear that she is in the hospital, but hope that she will get home, to your house soon! She is going to LOVE living with you. I know it won't be easy. I'll be praying for you!
    Your card is simply beautiful! It will certainly make her smile. LOVE IT!
    Thanks for playing in the 'wearin' green challenge this week at Sassy Cheryl's. Happy Saint Patty's Day! Good luck in the drawing.

  2. Linda! How scary to find you mom had fallen.
    Happy for you that the decision was made by the doc for you, made it a little easier for sure!
    your card is absolutely wonderful! amazing coloring and made with love!

    Thanks for joining us for the Sassy Cheryl wearin green challenge this week!

  3. Oh hun - life is so full of ups and this rate you can watch your mum - I hope that things do not get too stressful - make sure you take time out for yourself though. Great card love the papers...
    Have a good weekend Big hugs Sarah xx

  4. Oh Linda, so good that you were checking on your mum, or she could have been there for ages. Glad that she's not injured herself too much and I'm sure she will be grateful that you can look after her.
    Super cute card - I'm sure it cheered her up.
    Caroline xxx

  5. Oh Linda what a scary situation for you. I'm so glad you mom is in safe hands and on her way to recovering. I think you two will be perfectly grand living together. I'm a phone call away if needed. Hugs -Kim

  6. I' m sorry it took all of that to convince her but glad the doctor was on your side and influenced to make the right decision. I guess if you look up stubborn Irish in the dictionary her picture will be there? good luck and God bless!

  7. I hope your mother is up and on her feet soon. What a blessing that she has you. Your card is adorable. I'm sure she will like it. (And sounds like the Lord gave her the right doctor to "help" her make her decision :) )

  8. Oh scary for you and your family! I'll keep your mama in my prayers! I'll bet this card will absolutely brighten her day! It's as cute as can be! Gorgeous coloring, as always! So delighted to see you again here at Sassy Cheryl's!! Hugs. Pat Frank

  9. Linda,I bet your Mom loved her card. I hope she is doing better soon and can come on home. Give Hilda a BIG hug for me and please let me know if I can do anything to help you. ~jeni <3


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