Saturday, December 8, 2012

What A Mess!!!!

My husband, the Kahuna, gave me a lecture today about making a mess in the kitchen when I cook.  It started out something like this: " When you cook you lay everything down instead of putting it away immediately.  You butter toast and get crumbs on the counter.  You do the same thing when you scrap.  You make a big mess and then have to spend all that time cleaning it up.  Linda, I know you are a good cleaner, but I just hate to see you put yourself through all that.  Why can't you be more like me.  I never make a mess".

Well I apologized and said I would try to do better in the future.  Just like an obedient little girl should.  But under my breath I was saying something else.  Then I looked at the picture of my workspace yesterday when I was making my White Christmas card.

Hmmmmm, I hate it when he is right.

Entering this in the Sassy Cheryl SMT Challenge.  Come on chicken, show me what your space looks like.  I have to make cookies tonight and I do have a problem with flour.  I feel another "talking to" coming on.


  1. I think your desk is looking too neat! By the way, what is flour, is that something for crafting?

  2. Linda our hubby should visit your crafty friends houses...I bet 99% of crafters have craft spaces messier than what you have shown!! Mine stays neat only 10 % of the time!!

    Dr Sonia

  3. Everything is relative, Linda. If you would like to send your hubby to my Craft Room he would see that you are hardly messy at all!!! Every time I tell my man that I have to go and tidy my play area he says "What, again? You only tidied it a few days ago" The problem is that I never really tidy it, I just put enough of the things away to give me space enough to play. Your work space looks MUCH tidier than mine! Hugs, Lesley

  4. Linda, good thing your hubby doesn't live here.........I have a conference room table in my stamp room that is about 6 inches deep on the surface with a work space of about 12x12 much to put away! And trying to walk through the room is near impossible. is going to be my New Year's resolution to get it cleaned out and straightened up and to part with some things...........tell him he is lucky to have someone in the kitchen cooking for him and back away from the craft table!!!!


  5. ROFL...this is just too funny, because just today I spent 1/2 the day cleaning out my "crafing closet" which is all I have right now to put my crafts..that doesn't count our office that ended up being cleaned after cleaning the closet. On our behalf, however, I will say this, or better put-as my mom would say "You aren't a good cook if you don't make a mess". I think the same goes for crafting.


    Oh..btw..the white card is totally, absolutely adorable!

  6. Totally LOL. . .but no fair, you not telling us what you were thinking under your breath!!! hehehehehe. I can imagine though. You bad little girl.
    Now. . . my question to you. Since your post. . .have you gotten better? I mean. . . .we don't want you to be 'doing that to yourself.!'
    Thanks for sharing in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun this week.


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