Friday, October 21, 2011

Show Me Some Fun Thursday at Sassy Cheryls

I have been real busy working on Halloween cards for the special people in my life.  Four of the Halloween cards pictured are from last year, but I wanted to give them a little face lift.  I received this lovely pad of Halloween papers from Cheryl of, She Stamps,  and I couldn't wait to  work with it.  I just added a bit of paper here and there, applied some stickles, and punch outs to give them a 2011 update.  I made these last year for my grans, hid them and couldn't find them until after Halloween. :(  I am so excited I get to use them this year .  See that lovely card on my Copics Case?  The one to the right.   Cheryl of She Stamps, included that in package containing her Blog Candy of Halloween  paper and a DVD of Sleepy Hollow.  I was so excited to win. 

Something very interesting on my craft table is the glass pumpkin candy jar.  It was filled with Reese's Pieces, but my son and I love them and they were just sitting there so we ate everyone of them!  Now my poor pumpkin wants more.  I think I will fill it with a candy I do not like.  That way it will stay full!  LOL  The purple card with the fish on it is for the Keep Swimming fund raiser for Katie Rentz.  It was designed by Jak Heath and I had to have it when I saw how cute it was.  

There is one more card I would like to call your attention to and that is the Witches Hat.  We made that at my Inky Digit card club Tuesday night.  When I saw that GIGANTIC spider I thought of one person - Mina Hartley over at PinkPuds.  She has this little bittyproblem with spiders.  In fact, if you follow her blog, you may even have a picture of one showing up on your Dashboard occasionally.  I made this card thinking just of Mina, so enjoy Mina.  It is for you sweetie!

Well that's about it for me this week.  I am enjoying my new Heat Pump and continue to take bids for my roof.  Things are progressing nicely at the Compton household.  Sure hope they are doing the same for your family.  Have a great weekend, Linda

PS. Grab you camera and snap a pic of something interest and post it here.  You will have the opportunity to win a digi  if your name is drawn.  Hurry up, you don't want to miss anything.


  1. I love seeing what's on your desk, its always so neat. Glad you found the cards, the grans are going to be glad too.

  2. Those poor Reese's Pieces never stood a chance. Hee hee! Phone home. :)
    You're certainly a busy gal, aren't you. You have some AMAZING SHOW ME
    cards on your table. Love them all!
    Thanks for playing in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun this week, Linda.

  3. Thanks for the shout out! I love seeing your work space.

  4. I would have been fighting you for the Reece's Pieces. Good luck with finding a candy you don't like, but I love the jar. I could put licorice bits in it, and I'd be safe from jar robbing. You have so many wonderful cards in your space. Yea on the new heat pump and just in time for winter. Hope you can get the roof done too.

  5. Love all your Halloween cards...wish I had time this year.


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