Sunday, April 22, 2012

Turtle's Mess

Hello People!  I haven't been doing much blogging lately.  My Mom has been my main priority lately but I did sit down to color today and finished up this little notebook that Kim Hecker ( taught at Inky Digit Card Club Tuesday night.   Isn't it cute.  I took a picture to post on our Inky Digits Facebook page and  started mentally scolding myself because of the mess on my craft table. I had to remove a stack of mail and bills so I would have room to sit down.LOL

So what do you do when you have a disgusting mess and can't even find a spot to color in?  Well you take a picture of the mess, post it on Sassy Cheryls' Show Me Thursday blog and make a solemn promise to NEVER DO IT AGAIN.

Happy Crafting everyone.  I have really missed posting at SC and hope to be able to rejoin everyone real soon.  Love to all of you crafty little peeps!

Love Linda

Here's a close up of the notebook.  I ended up trimming the strings after seeing them in this picture.  Just didn't like the stringy look to them here.  LOL


  1. Your notebook is wonderful! My work area is almost always about 3 inches square. I wish I could just put one projects mess away before I start another, but just get creating and can't!
    I also have a waste basket right under my work area, but still sit and cut and let it fall to the floor,,,,,,,,errr
    I'm thinking of you, went through a long period of taking care of my Mom years ago, and it is very hard at times.


  2. Linda your notebook turned out fabulous. I agree about the string. I still looking for black elastic. It is my top priority to track some down. I'm glad you managed to clean up your workspace. Have a wonderful week <3

  3. You can promise yourself all you know that desk is gonna get messy again!!!
    I love the way you finished out your notebook. Mine is still sitting on my desk waiting on me to finish it. ~jeni :)

  4. Oh, really? Never do it again? Now see, that's just funny! LMBO!
    I love the notebook. It's fabulous. Hope your mom is doing ok and I don't blame you at all for making her your priority! But we do miss ya! :)
    Thanks for playing in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday this week.

  5. I love the notebook, but where's the mess. Your desk looks pretty darn neat to me. I had to clean mine up to find a place to work. Hope your Mom is doing better, and she definitely requires top billing.

  6. I have missed your posts, Linda. I know that your family comes first and I hope your Mom is doing okay.

  7. thats not a mess Linda, you should see my desk now thats a mess...I love the notebook its beautiful...I hope your Mums doing ok...thank you so much for your wonderful comment on Phils new means a lot to us both
    Mina xxx


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