Sunday, September 2, 2012

Show Me Thursday at Sassy Cheryl's

Lots to show you this week.  First picture is the Autographed Illustration from Cheryl Alger.  I won it and I am still so stoked.  I found this cute little pumpkin frame.  I keep it right on my desk so I can stare at it for inspiration!  

This is my youngest grandson, Jonathan, aka Fin, Finny.  He has a knee cap that keeps sliding out of place and it is quite painful.  He has had several trips to the hospital and many braces in the last 2 years.  The doctors wanted to wait until he had stopped growing before doing surgery, but he has injured it too many times.  Their only option was to do the surgery now.  In the first picture he is showing off his stylish surgery cap before he is wheeled into the operating room.   Isn't he the cutest thing?

This picture is of his brace.  It is very high-tech.  It even has a plastic pack that fits around the brace.  He has a cooler of ice water with a hose that pumps cold water around his knee to keep the swelling down and ease his pain.  Isn't that remarkable.  

I am happy to report that his surgery went fine and he is doing great.  The surgery was done on an outpatient basis and he is at home recuperating.  He can even return to school on Tuesday but his recuperation will take 6 months but then he should be able to resume his sports!  

That is a little of what is going on in my world this week.  I would love it if you would share a bit of your world with us over at Sassy Cheryls SMT.  Just take a picture and write it up and post it here.  Cheryl gives one of her fabulous digis away to one lucky entrant too!  Hey and that was how I won that fabulous signed illustration of my Grey Witch!  I am SOOOO glad I played along that week!

Hope to see you there!  Have a fabulous week!  Hugs, Linda


  1. That's a lovely autographed picture and the frame is fabulous.
    Glad your Grandson's surgery went well and that he is doing well.

    Hugs Sue

  2. Lucky you with the signed image! Lovely frame! Hope Fin is doing well - it sounds painful! Hugs, Lesley

  3. How lucky you are to receive an autographed image! Hope your grandson continues to improve!

  4. Oh Wow, poor kid, hope this surgery is the end of his pain and suffering. Long recovery, but at least he gets to resume his school and won't get behind. Hope recovery goes smoother than expected and he is up on both feet soon.


  5. Linda - Glad to hear your grandson is recovering okay. Good to see your post. Have a great week!

  6. Great post - amazing things move with the times - brilliant...not too sure on his street cred now with the shower cap on now as all his mates will be able to see it - not really a "chick pulling" photo...
    Fab pic you lucky thing
    Sarah x

    1. Hadn't thought about his mates seeing this pic. I won't tell them my blog address. LOL

  7. Get well soon Fin, Finny! I just love your SC pic and that frame is the bomb Linda! I hope you have a great week. *Hugs*<3-Kim

  8. OK, just show off that picture. I love it. Your grandson is a cutie, and I'm so glad the surgery went well. That is a high tech brace, and hope it keeps the swelling down.

  9. Aren't you sweet. . . .framing the illustration. LOVE that!
    What a fabulous brace. . . .I'm sure he is uncomfortable, but this certainly makes it a little easier. Hope he's back to 100% soon!!!!!
    Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday this week.


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