Saturday, May 14, 2011

Show Me Thursday at Sassy Cheryls

Look what my DH picked for me.  Magnolias, Hydrangeas and Lantus.  He was outside and walked back in with a big smile and bouquet of flowers from our backyard.  Isn't he a sweetie?  Reminded me of a classic Sassy Cheryl moment.  Cheryl, maybe you should create a husband with a bouquet stamp to go along wih your sweet children stamps.

It is thunderstorming here and I was getting ready to go to the grocery store.  Oh well, guess I'll just have to stay here and craft.  :)  It is really Saturday afternoon (not Thursday) here and I have been cleaning house, doing laundry, washing my sweet puppy Bonnie and crafting in between chores.  (Seem to be having more crafting than cleaning sessions).  Wish I could call Merry Maids.  Anyway it is nice to be off from work and have the time to do all these must-do things.

Hope all of you are enoying your weekend.  Take a pic of what you are doing and share it on the Sassy Cheryl Show Me Challenge.  It runs from Thursday to Wednesday and you get a chance to win a digi from her shop.  Believe me, I have a bunch and I keep on getting more.  If you are like me, you will never get your fill of these Sassy Little goodies.

Hugs, Linda.


  1. I think we're about to get your storms. I don't mind though, as long as they aren't severe.
    Hey, now there's an idea for a graphic. Have to give that one some thought.
    You have a sweet hubby for picking you such beautiful flowers!!!!
    Oh, BTW, LOVED your little comment on the Guessing Game. Read it to hubby and he cracked up!
    Thanks for showing your lovely flowers and sharing.
    Good luck in the drawing.

  2. Hope you gave hubby a big hug and kiss for such thoughtfulness!

  3. OK, so I know I posted to this already, but I'm doing it again because I think your DH is a keeper. These are a gorgeous collection of flowers for a bouquet or centerpiece. Hope you got all the chores done.

  4. Beautiful flowers Linda! That Kahuna...he's full of surprises. ~jeni :)

  5. Gorgeous bouquet, Linda! I'm sure your yard is fabulous.


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