Friday, May 20, 2011

Show Me Thursday at Sassy Cheryl's

Here is a peek at some digi's I have been coloring at work. My lunchtime coloring sessions have proven very productive this week (Plus it keeps me and my debit card out of the craft shops).  The Tin Man card on the laptop is a card Lynn taught us at Inky Digits Tuesday night.  He is so darn cute, I just might "have-to-have" the set myself.  The other card is a digi character called Scarlett.  I am working on birthday cards for my SIL & BIL.  The Gus in the front is for my BIL.  Check back, I hope to post the finished products this weekend.

Now that I have showed you mine, show me yours.  Snap a pic of your work area and post it here.  If your number comes up, you will will a gift certificate to Sassy Cheryl's Store.  You can post a pic of anything.  I almost posted a pic of my dog, Bonnie getting a haircut by yours truly, but I sat down and colored instead.  Much more fun and I know she appreciated the reprieve also.

Well I am off to snoop, hope to see you space when I do.


  1. Lots of yummy's on your desk Carol! Have a great weekend.

  2. you know, I color on my lunch hour also!!! I am finding I have no time at home....

  3. Oh Linda fab colouring in - PLEASE tell me where the Barbie man is from I must have him
    Sarah x

  4. Oh wow, look at all of these lovely colored goodies! Can't wait to see them as cards.
    Oh, and I see a familiar face in the top right corner. Wonder who that can be!?!
    Thanks for playing in the SHOW ME fun this week.

  5. I spotted some awesome coloring here and can't wait to see them in cards all made up. You've been very productive and your debit card appreciates it.


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