Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Day 2010

I am really late in posting this week, but with good cause.  These two beautiful ladies were with us all during the holidays and I just didn't get any postings done.  What was on my workdesk on Thursday was a whole lot of yummy food and a whole lot of dirty dishes.  I think  it may be next week before all the dishes will be put back in their place.  Ha Ha

Many of the blogs I follow are talking about gettting that pretty white stuff, so I thought I would show my pretty white stuff too.   Mine is called sand and it is here year round.  My son took his daughters down to the beach while I was preparing our Thanksgiving feast and they love to take pictures, so these are a few they brought back.

Arent' they a beautiful family? God has blessed me with these girls I promise you!  But they are on their way home now, my house is empty and quiet, except for the dishwasher and the washer and dryer.  I already miss them, but Christmas is coming and they will be back!   I cannot wait.  There is nothing better than a house full of children at Christmas time, and yes even if those children have grown into those dreaded things called teenagers.

I am off now to snoop at everyone else's workspaces.  If you would like to snoop too, click here and it will take you to Sassy Cheryls' Show Me Thursday spot.  Lots of interesting stuff to be found there. 

If you are viewing this post from Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday link and want to see more pictures of my grans please click on  the three previous posts.  For some reason Blogger wouldn'tlet me post more that one picuture per post.  Sorry.


  1. They are gorgeous. I wouldn't have minded seeing the food on your crafting table.:)

  2. Beautiful Girls...great family Linda!


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