Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday #1

Congratulations to Sassy Cheryl on her new Show Me Thursday.  These snooping sessions are so much fun and I absolutely love SC images so I couldn't miss her first posting.  She even gives us a sneak peek at what she is working on for her Tuesday releases.  This one looks real yummy.  I just may have to add it to my collection.
Cheryl has a very neat desk with all these computers (I would absolutely die for). Here is my messy desk with my S-L-O-W 2003 laptop!  I am working on one of my Christmas card designs and I have an assembly line going on with them.  I will have to point out my new pride and joy.  An enabler friend of mine, I won't mention her name to protect the guilty, talked me into buying this new ATG.  Isn't it the prettiest pink baby you have ever seen?  It sure made the gluing part go a lot faster!  Besides that,  part of the money went to the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer research and we should all support worthwhile charities - right?

Ahh there is my spool of green tulle waiting for my Challenge Blog entry this week.  I haven't printed the digi yet so you'll have to check back this weekend to see my card.  Oh lookeee there, an AC Moore coupon.  You see I keep it in a very safe place.  Those little darlins are VERY valuable!

I hoped you enjoyed your peek today and I am off to do some peeking of my own.  Come on and join in the fun, just click the title above and it will pop you to the right place.  Just think, you have the opportunity to be in on the very first session of Cheryl's Show Me Thursday!

Hugs,  Linda


  1. This is great Linda. I love the way you narrated the post. It was like you were looking at the workspace for the first time. :)
    Thanks for posting and I can't wait to see your challenge card~!

  2. Hi hun love the Noel cards you are working on...will try and join in with sassy too..
    hugs Sarah

  3. I am soooo Lovin' your Christmas cards. So classy and beautiful!
    WHO on earth would "enable" you like that!?! Shame...shame... Muahahahaha! You know you love it. ~jeni :p

  4. Heehee...I bought one of those pink ATG guns too. (Of course, I already had the yellow one and the red one...but in my defense, the red one was cracked!)

  5. thanks for the fun picture... I am lovin that all the work spaces are as full as mine....
    thanks for sharing!

  6. Great crafting space and love the look of the Christmas cards and the assembly line. My pink ATG gun is probably one of my all time favorite tools, so whomever enabled you, you owe them big time.


  7. Great Space, Linda... I love my ATG gun....I have the red one...couldn't live without it!!

  8. Such fun seeing where folks work--and how! Love my ATG gun, too--and you so did the right thing!

  9. You are so on the ball with comments and I thank-you for that. The end of the year is coming and I have to focus on gifts, gifts and more gifts. I would like to hand make them for the most part so...I better get going...Thanks again for your encouragment. Tootsie

  10. Hi Linda, thanks for visiting. Thought I would pop over and snoop on you this time! LOL Love those Christmas cards you are working on, sooooo festive. This has been so much fun, I love people watching and getting to snoop into their workspace is even funner.
    So glad we found each other.

  11. Linda...Love the cards you are busy with and I especially love that messy desk. It is a sign of pure creativity!!!
    keep it up!

  12. You have a bunch of stuff going on there..


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