Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Good morning WOYWW friends. It is snooping time again and I am into  making those very special Christmas cards (which you can't do without singing all those wonderful Christmas Carols).  My singing is a family joke (a painful one for them) but at least my music is now on my IPOD. 

You can see some new papers I bought at Awww Shucks scrapbook store.  The stamps in the cases are some SU stamps I have been playing with.  In the background is the Inky Digits project Lisa Murphy taught us last night.  It is a set of wooden blocks inked and decorated for Christmas.  Won't these look cute on my shelf?  There's some magazines I have been memorizing, and that is about it.  I actually cleaned up the table after my weekend crafting marathon.  Check back I will post a couple of pictures of the cards I made.

If you are reading this post and think, "Linda has really lost it this time," click the title above and it will pop you onto Julia's blog.  There you will find a lot of people who are so addicted to crafting that they have to post pictures of their workspaces every week just to "feed their habit".  Come on, join in the fun.   It is an International craze.


  1. Hey Linda! Happy Crafting to you too! Great selection of paper you have displayed and am loving the blocks! Too Cute! Happy WOYWW! (#78)

  2. Well, you may be as good singer as I am (´pain´ is the word...)
    Those little blocks are really cute!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  3. Love your blog.and your stash looks great. Enjoy!
    I only sing when I'm alone now.
    I'm glad there are other scrappers that "sing" along. My singing is so bad that my children told me to "Please not sing just read". I have been married 40 years with 2 children and 3 grandchildren. Aren't they great? Love 'em, spoil 'em and send them home!

  4. ohoo lovely papers, I can never cut into it for ages and ages...
    Happy WOYWW

  5. I gotta get over there and get some of those papers before they are all gone!!! Love the blocks from club! Hate I missed it. :( ~jeni

  6. Glad i managed to find you. When i clicked your link on Julia's site it took me back to Julia's site. Went into an older WOYWW link cos i knew i had visited you before. Those papers are lovely, and the blocks will look fab on your shelf. caroline #16

  7. Hi Linda - glad you love WOYWW...told you it would be addictive! those you make more though to go around the house I could not stop at JOY....I too can sing fantastic in my head always in tune...alas - open my mouth and never quite sounds the same!
    Sarah x

  8. Hi Linda, I really like the blocks of Joy. They are really cute. Those papers are putting me in the Christmas mood. Do I spy a stamp with trees? I love trees. Sorry I'm late getting here. You would think being #1, I could get around quicker. Happy belated WOYWW.


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