Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday

Here it is Show Me Thursday #10.  Actually it is Saturday for me and today was my "Finish Day".  I had a couple of uncompleted projects on my desk and I worked on them today.  The first picture shows my Birthday Calendar.  It is a project Katie Jo taught at our Inky Digits meeting.  It is made out of envelopes that are decorated, holes punched in the side and then decorated.  I have the base completed now I want to go back and embellish it.  It is real handy because you can slide things inside the envelopes to keep as mementos.  I haven't embellished it, so I will be having fun finishing it.

The next three pictures are a calendar/notepad that fit inside a metal tin.  This was a gift from Melanie Wysong a friend from our Stampin Up group.  She ordered all of us one and then told us to decorate them.  When my husband saw the tin, he asked me to let him have it.  He liked the idea of everything in one place.  He seems to think I hide all of his stuff so he figured this would be his very own organizer and no one in the house is allowed to touch it. 

I glued some magnets on the back of the calendar and note pad so they won't fall out of the tin when he opens it.  I wanted to decorate it in a Green Bay Packer theme, but when I saw this Americana paper, I had to use it.  My husband does not like ribbons, so I had to try to keep it "manly" what do you think?

I am  still in my "Get Caught Up and Organized Mode", so I feel very proud of myself today.  Who knows maybe I will even tackle taxes tomorrow.  Nah, don't want to shock the system too much.   


  1. Thanks for showing your space this week Linda! Yep, I've been in the organizing mode this week. One of my favorite things. . .other than drawing!

  2. Love how your tin turned out Linda! Hope the Kahuna enjoys it. We gotta go to Kinkos and get our chip board covers for our calendars!! ~jeni :)


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