Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sassy Cheryl Show Me Time Again!

Well here it is.  My crafty space during one of my most favorite times of the day.  It is about 6:30 AM on Saturday morning when I actually took this picture.  My family is still asleep and I have some quiet time to play.  Quite a variety of goodies there today. The kitten in the bra is a card I colored at work and wanted to bling it up a little so I added lace and ribbons to it this morning.  I am letting it dry before I make the card.  The white notebook on the left is one of my new tools I am making.  I have never really used a lot of sketches for my cards before, but have learned to appreciate their value.  I am printing photos of sketches and then keeping them in a loose leaf notebook for reference, little tip I picked up from best bud Jeni.  There is my empty coffee cup, but this morning I was in the mood for tea which will probably make coffee hater Marlene happy.  The sewing stuff is something I still haven't put away from last week (Shame Shame).  I fixed some loose beads and added a hook to a prom dress for one of my granddaughters.  Uh Oh, my beagle just came downstairs so I bet the rest of the family will not be far behind.  Better end this post so I can put on the coffee and start the bacon.  Come on, show us what you are working on and join in the fun at Sassy Cheryl's.  There is the chance you will win a free digi for your efforts.  Hugs Snoopy people, see ya next week.

P.S.  The Beagle, Snickers, just saw a squirrel in the backyard.  Now the whole neighborhood will be awake!  Ooops.


  1. Certainly a bunch of goodies here! Don't you just LOVE the quiet time in the morning. I know I sure do!
    And an empty coffee cup. Poor Marlene! But she'll be thrilled you had tea.
    Thanks for showing your space this week. Now get busy and put that sewing stuff away. :)

  2. Be careful, the barking beagle may be a set up Linda, so I can swipe all those Copics.....see you Tuesday!

  3. Yea for Snickers, its about time everyone got up! Can't wait to see the image on a card, looks really cute!

  4. I hate coffee...yes...but I also hate tea!!!! Boo!! HISS!!!! Drink something else! :)

  5. Love the lace added to the bra. Work space is way too neat.

  6. WooHoo! Look at that lingere on Linda's crafty table! Lol
    Get that bad squirel Snickers!!!
    Thanks for working on Savannah's! I'm sure Steve wishes that you added more fabric. ~jeni :)


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