Saturday, April 23, 2011

Show Me Thursday at Sassy Cheryl's

Hi Ya'll!  I have had the most unbelievable week.  I'm kinda behind in my blogging, but will have plenty of time to catch up next week.  So watch for me I will do my best to visit everyone and see the goodies I missed.  Here's my really special post for Sassy Cheryl this week.

This has been the very very very best week for me.  I have spent time with all of my family.   We celebrated Easter in Charleston with my daughter and son-in-law last Saturday.  I even got to meet "Lauren" who is the "apple of my grandson Chase's eye."  Gosh she is a pretty girl, kind of  looks like  Princess Kate and a brunette Brittany Spears.  Our two granddaughters from Ft. Mill spent the week with us, along with a few other "grandchildren". Our house has been very noisy, very messy and filled with love and hugs.  Even though I had to work all week, it has been divine.  I hate to see tomorrow come when I have to say good-bye.   But summer is coming and they will be back again.  (Advance notice to the washer and dryer, lol).

THEN I had two MARVELOUS, SPECTACULAR presents arrive.  My dear dear husband gave me a early Mother's Day present of Copic Markers.  Oh my goodness they felt so good to hold and stare at the colorful tops!  Gotta love that man, I sure do.  That presented another problem for me because they wouldn't fit in the plastic carrying case I had.  So I had to go shopping for another case.

Nope, didn't even have to go shopping because the next day the postman rang again and what did he bring?  A handmade, beautiful Copic Case from a Very Special Blogging Friend of mine in Mississippi - Shirley, Tazmania Devil, Swoope.  UNBELIEVABLE SURPRISE!  Ya'll look at this creation.  She designed and sewed the case, then cut out all those little separator boxes, glued them together and fit them into this wooden case.  Isn't this the most wonderful creation.  I still cannot grasp how much time and love went into this special gift from her heart.  Shirley, I love you and the talents you shared.  Still planning how to reciprocate, watch out GF I can be very sneaky.  Ha Ha

Now, Tah Dah:

Ok, I know that you are all sitting there with your mouths wide open, you can close them now. LOL
                                                  Have a Happy Blessed Easter!


  1. I knew, I knew, I knew. . . . . .But I DIDN'T tell!!!!
    It's gorgeous and you're right. What a wonderful, loving gift. Now you just need some more Copics to fill it up. Good thing Mother's Day isn't far away. hee hee. Hit up dear, sweet hubby for them.

    Glad that you were able to get together with your family for Easter. Isn't it always great!
    HAPPY EASTER Linda!!!!

  2. You are more than welcome and Cheryl's right. Mother's Day is right around the corner, and there are lots of holes to fill. Glad you had a wonderful week and got to spend time with all of your family. Perfect Easter to me.

  3. Shirley is a sweetheart! What a beautiful gift!! Enjoy! Happy Easter weekend!

  4. What perfect gifts... I love homemade, now to show and tell with copics...and more happy days ahead...Tootsie

  5. Oh wow...what a thoughtful - fantastic present - blogging buddies are fab...only a crafting buddy would think of doing that - stunning - tell her from me...stunning
    Sarah x

  6. This is gorgeous, Shirley! Wow, it looks like many more Copics can fit, Linda! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Linda, you lucky gal! What a great gift from your hubby and Shirely. She is sure a talented lady and you're right, so much work went into the making the that beautiful case!


  8. Absolutely fabulous!! Don't know how I missed this post, I look everyday. You are a very lucky person to have such a nice hubby and special friend.


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