Saturday, April 9, 2011

Show Me Thursday Time at Sassy Cheryl's

Another mess for you nosey little Sassettes.  I went shopping at lunch came home and dumped all my goodies on the table so I could take a few minutes to touch and stare and have visions of beauty float through my brain.  Ha Ha.  But alas, no crafting that night.  It was my sons' birthday and we had a birthday dinner to prepare, American Idol decision night AND a new episode of VAMPIRE DIARIES  (Let me tell you Damon got sexier over their hiatus).  It was an exhausting night trying to eat, sing Happy Birthday and make my son feel he really is more important that Damon.  Then they had the nerve to put Idol on at the same time as my Vampires, so we watched the vampires and on commercials flipped to Idol.  Just let me say one thing, "HOW DARE THEY SEND PIA HOME AND THEN HIRE SOME OVERAGED FLABBY HALF-NAKED SCREAMER ON THE SHOW AS A PROFESSIONAL.  Something if very wrong with American voters.  (But my Scotty did marvelous, muwah!)

Ok enough ranting here's my goodies.  I downloaded these two images for this week's challenges over at Sassy Cheryl's.  Can't wait to color them.  Ribbon was on sale for 50% off so I splurged a bit.  Used my coupon to get my Paws border I have been eyeing for a couple of months.  Look at the flowers I got too.  Aren't they beautiful.  Oops, you can see my purse in the background that I dumped on the table.  There's my card (right) I made at Inky Digits Tuesday night.  Teddy Bear address book is out because I was looking up some information for  Cheryl (She Stamps).

Hope you enjoy my snoopy little friends.  I am off to do some major snooping of my own.  Til next week, Hugs!


  1. HB to your son! I agree, Pia being outs...what a shocker! They are all doing well and sure to have a job at what they love to do...wish there was moo-la in paper making! I am having fun though for this is were my heart is...
    Thanks for the comment...I have a lot of projects lined up so I will be at SC Show me until I get my clients album under control. See ya later...Tootsie

  2. My beady eyes are more interested in your reels of ribbon honey!!! hehe.
    Hugs n happy crafting! Enjoy your weekend.xx

  3. Looks like you're busy crafting away!

    I agree - Pia being sent home was a shocker. Haley should have gone home long before her!!! I think my prediction for the end will be the two top finalists: Scotty & James. (The country vs. The rocker!)

  4. That ribbon is so yummy! AND 50% off! Can't wait to see what you create, Linda.

  5. It always fun to see what's on your desk. Love the ladybug ribbon by the way.

  6. Oh, I like that! Sassettes! Clever!
    You and hubby would get along great. He's FOREVER ignoring us when the Idol is on and it's DVR'd to boot. Someone has their priorities messed up. :) I'd delete it before he could watch if it wouldn't pi_ _ him off. I'm so bad.
    I can barely make out the purse, but I'm loving the goodies and can't wait to see what you create.
    I also see an address book with Teresa Kogut. I used to be licensed with LMI, Inc. and I believe she still is. Her bears are adorable.
    Thanks for showing us nosey people your space this week. Now get busy with your card making.

  7. Clean up this mess and bet busy girl!!! You cant sit there and look at your new goodies all day!! ~jeni :)

  8. Way too much going on last week for you to be crafting. You made quite a nice haul at your last shopping excursion. Keep it up! The economy needs people like you and me, to stimulate it. Love the Sassettes, and am stealing it for use on the boards.


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