Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday

OK, My Nosey Little Sassettes, here is what Momma is working on today.  I went kinda crazy this week over Cheryl's new stamps and had to have 3 of them.  Of course I wanted to color them all immediately, but this darn day job is really interfering in my night life.  Ha Ha.  I do have one already colored and have picked out the papers and flowers and ribbon.  I even know what my card is going to look like.  If I could just get the time to put it together I will be happy.  Have 2 more digis to color and I haven't even begun to select the color scheme yet.  I took my Copics to work to color at lunch and but didn't even get a lunch hour.  Now that is dedication , isn't it?  Check back later this week and see how much I actually get done before I am invaded by all my grans Friday coming for Spring Break.  Don't have high expectations of getting any crafting time after they arrive.  Ha Ha  (But you know I love every minute of their noisy "exuberance".  After all, they give the best hugs and have the biggest smiles.  My poor ole' heart doesn't stand a chance.  Yep Nana does love her babies!

Click here to see what everyone else in Sassy Cheryl land is doing.  It's so much fun to peek in all the windows.


  1. Oh, Momma. . . .these are great! Can't wait to see them completed. WOW!
    Have fun with the kids. I don't have grandkids yet, but Zach gives the best hugs ever. He's such a sweet boy!
    Your Sassettes name is causing a stir. We are all just loving it!
    Thanks for sharing this week. Always so much fun. And I have to tell you, every time I visit your blog I crack up at the picture of your 'doggie' driving. It's hilarious!!!!

  2. Oh my gosh momma ENABLER, this nosey little sassette loves what your doing with that little bunny I have to have her!!!!!

  3. Adorable coloring of the little bunny girl. Can't wait to see the finished card... the colors and flowers are lovely. I tell my husband the same thing - "this day job has gotta go!" Too much stamping and too little time!

  4. Your desk is so makes me want to color, off today....I think I will...

  5. Liking what you got going on there girlie!! I was wondering why I didn't get a call from you yesterday at lunch time. Next time let me know and I will bring lunch to you. ~jeni :)

  6. Ha...had to laugh - thought you were been invaded by all your Grandmas...thought - how many do you have!???...then read Cheryls comments and you mean Grandchildren...silly me!...loving those images hun - thanks for the shout - been soooo busy at work this week - made my day!
    Hugs...and make sure you colour tomorrow lunchtime with Jen - wish I was there though!
    Sarah x

  7. Your neat desk always amazes me. Can't wait to see your next creation!

  8. Thanks for sharing. The card turned out fabulous!!

  9. Need to go check out the finished card as the papers and the ribbon are totally appealing. Hope you're enjoying all the time with the grans.


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