Monday, September 5, 2011

7 Secrets

I received this very special award from a very talented lady in India.  I discovered her blog, Cards, Crafts & Kids Projects a few months ago and try not to miss any of her posts.  Dr. Sonia is a real doctor who relaxes by crafting with her very talented 5 year old daughter.  She has a very Versatile Blog with lots of wonderful tutorials featuring diorama, pop up and my favorite Quilling cards.  She makes dough sculptures, shell art, ribbon crafts, you name it, she makes it.  Do yourself a favor and check out her blog.  You will not be disappointed.  Her latest post features ladybugs and owls made by her 5 year old daughter out of a broken nut cracker.  Talk about recycling.

To accept this award I have to tell you 7 things about myself that you do not know.  So here goes:

1.  I was born in West Virginia and my Dad worked for the newspaper.  They ran an article about me the day  I was born.

2.  I grew up in Washington DC (Dad worked for the Washington Post) and my God Father was the White House Chef for 5 Presidents.

3.  When I was 16 My God Father took me to a trip to the White House I met Lucy Johnson (the Presidents daughter)  She was frying chicken for a picnic with her fiance' Patrick.  She got flour on my hand when she shook it and told ME she was so happy to meet me, that she had heard so much about ME. I for once was speechless, but she was very gracious.

4.   I was elected the Most Talkative Senior in my entire High School.  I really don't believe that was true.  I am really a very shy, introverted person.  .)

5.  I went to Beauty School (Cosmetology as they call it today) and Interior Design School and never worked in either field.

6.  My least favorite subject in school was Math and my career choice was Banking.

7.  When I was a 3 a dog bit me so I bit it back!

I would like to pass this on to Theresa over at Gotta Have Bling.  Theresa is new to Bloggyland and has some beautiful creations.    She made some Christmas cards with a embossing technique that is super quick and awesome results.    Pop on over and give her some love.


  1. Sounds like an exciting childhood! I can tell you have a great sense of humor from the way you write your post and a fun person to be around! I think the high school talking award was pretty well deserved......lovingly of course!!!
    Fun learning about you from you!


  2. Linda what amazing things you have shared about yourself and I love the part about you biting the dog back!!
    Thank You so much for writing such flattering stuff about me


  3. Wow LInda, what interesting secrets! Love the one about Lucy Johnson and your Godfather.

  4. You've had such an interesting life so far! Wow! Thanks for sharing all that.


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