Monday, November 21, 2011

Show Me Thursday at Sassy Cheryl's

It's time to show what I am working on to you nosey little Sassettes.  Why don't you snap a picture of something you have going on in your life this week and post it here.  It is so much fun to peek in windows of my bloggy friends and see what life is like for them in and outside their crafting worlds.

I am in Thanksgiving mode this week.  Cleaning, Shopping and cooking for the big day.  My big ole turkey is in the freezer and I have been singing those Christmas carols for days now.  I turn on Pandora on my computer and listen and sing just like I can carry a tune.  Poor hubby.  He swears it is a soothing feeling listening to my singing.  No doubt he is saying that for only 2 reasons:  1)  When I am singing, I am not b----ing, screaming or nagging.  2)  He doesn't want to hurt my feeling because he knows I will start b----ing, screaming or nagging.  LOL

Thought I would share this recipe with you.  It is really good, easy to make, and makes a great gift.  (If it makes it out of your house).  I am afraid I have to make another batch before Thursday, because I was planning on giving it as a gift to 2 of my SIL.  Hey, I had to taste to make sure it was safe, right?

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  Linda


  1. So, when should I expect these in the mail? LOL!
    You're making me hungry. This would have been perfect with my coffee this morning. No fair!
    Thanks for playing in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday fun this week.

  2. This looks yummy. I freeze my pumpking after Halloween so this would be a great way to use that up. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh yeah, this looks yummy and I agree, you have to make sure it tastes good!! hee hee. You are a hoot, love reading your posts, you should do stand up!!!


  4. This pumpkin bread looks yummy, Linda! I agree with Cheryl, this would go perfectly with my coffee this morning. LOL!

    Thanks for sharing this week! Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family, Linda.

  5. Now I'm hungry! Please pass the pumpkin bread!

  6. Oh, LOOK!!! One for me and one for you!! You're too good to me. Hee!Hee!Hee! ~jeni :)

  7. fab - took me ages to realise what C meant - cup....honestly us british folk!...beautifully risen...
    Hugs Sarah x

  8. Of course you had to try it - even if only for the sake of quality control!
    Me thinks your hubby is very clever - as long as you bake yummy things like this, he is going to love your singing!! :-)
    Caroline xxx

  9. can I come Thanksgiving dinner pretty please Linda...I would so love to go to a traditional Thanksgiving day, I will just wait for my invite from you lol...your bread looks so scrummy I can almost smell it
    Mina xxx

  10. yummy can you send me some.LOL!!

  11. Just know that as I'm fixing the cranberry sauce, I've been thinking of that big ole meal you're fixing for your family. Wish I could be there to share it with you. LOL over both your DH's comments on your singing and your thoughts. He's a VERY smart pan. I love pumpkin, so I can't wait to try this out. Thanks for posting it.

  12. Looks yummy - even to a non-pumpkin lover! LOL!

    Wanted to stop by and also thank you for the birthday wishes!


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