Monday, August 6, 2012

Clean and Organized FTM

Doesn't this look pretty?  I had to take some time to rearrange my crafting corner.  I had been making unkind noises for some time now when I sat down to play.  My DH suggested I take my paper bins off of my worktable to give me more room.  Guess what?  He was right AGAIN!.  I have stacked them all on the floor next to my table.  Moved some storage items from under my desk to my closet and now I can even stretch out my legs!  Whoo Hoo, I am again a happy camper.

I spent the day coloring and watching some tutorials on You Tube.  I am trying to learn how to color hair and  determined to master the skill.  You can see two of my failed attempts.  I had to give up on the black hair.  I will try that another day.  I had fun with the blue hair, but as you see I gave up on the object and gave it a big ole' Black Sharpie X.  LOL

I spy some of my favorites there.  My pillow for my aching back, my Nook ( I listen to Pandora while I craft)  There's my Turtle In The Sand craft bag from Thirty One.  The Fancy Frames cartridge is waiting for me to try out on my Cricut.  I couldn't get it to work on my small Cricut so I emailed Joy from Obsessed with Scrapbooking and she suggested I try using the portrait key and turning the image sideways.  I haven't had the chance to try that so I left the cartridge in plain sight to remind me.  My craft corner is next to my fireplace so that bit of lace is actually a mantle cloth.

So now I've shared my little corner with you, why don't you take a pic of yours.  It is so much fun to see where people craft.  I like thinking about where they sit and what they do when I visit their blogs.  So come on and take a pic and link up at Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Thursday.


  1. Always fun to change things around and enjoy the surprises you find! Wish I had tips for coloring hair but I think that is one thing most of us struggle with, I sure do!

  2. Great craft space, Linda! It's nice to change things around once in awhile.

  3. Linda everything looks to inviting. I'm glad your happy with your space now. Look at those Copics! I hope your fancy frames works out for you. Keep up on the black hair, the more you practice the easier it will get. The amazing Suzanne Dean has some fabulous You Tube instructions. Happy Crafting and see you tonight <3 -Kim

  4. I tell ya what. . . .I'm proud of you! Cleaning up, practicing coloring hair and especially listening to your husband. You're a better woman than me. hehehehehe!
    My question is, is it still this neat? LMBO! You know I love ya. . . .Nana! :)
    Thanks for playing along in the Sassy Cheryl's SMThursday this week.

  5. Look how neat and organized you are. I'm so glad that you made space under your desk for your legs. It's hard to color with your knees up under your chin. Don't you hate when your hubby is right about something? I know I do. Keep practicing on the hair coloring. I love that you wer free enough to do blue hair. That's so outside the box for me.LOL

  6. SHOW OFF! Only kidding, I am so jealous. My room is such a mess, in order to clean it, I need to get rid of some stuff and stamps. You did such a great job of organizing everything, I am going to take inspiration from you and when this heat subsides enought to spend a day upstairs, I am going to do it!



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