Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Show Me Thursday Time at Sassy Cheryls

Surprise this card was not made by Me, nor designed by me, nor colored by me.  My 15 year old Granddaughter Kaylee made it for the special someone in her life.  Isn't it fabulous?  Last week when I was working on my challenge card for Sassy Cheryl's, she sat next to me and made this card all by herself.  She asked my opinion on some things, but final decisions were all Kaylee. The only thing I did is tie the bow using my Bow-Easy.

I did allow her to use some of my coveted SU paper.  (Guess that shows you how much I love that kid).  But she did the rest.  Paper and Ribbon are all Stampin Up.  Digi is "Together Forever from LOTV.

She asked me to post this on my blog and I told her I would do it last week for the Show Me Thursday, but I got this Upper Respiratory thingee and landed in bed for most of a week.  So I am posting it this week for her even though she is in Charleston visiting with her cousins, aunt and uncle.  (God Bless Aunt Cami and Uncle Bob). 

Seriously though, I absolutely love the time I spend crafting, baking or whatever with my grans.  They, like their parents before them are growing up too fast.  So guys grab your kids or grans and make some memories.  Life is just too short  and besides that, why would you want to cheat yourself out of all the fun?  Sorry for the sermon, the senseless shootings in Norway has really made me thank God for my many blessings.  Keep those families in your prayers, they really need them now.


  1. Oh boy, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your combo of papers used here! Beautiful!

  2. stinkin' cute is this!! It is just gushing with "young love". Fabulous job Kaylee Boo!! You take after your Nana!! Love ya, Aunt Jeni <3

  3. How wonderful to share your passion for making cards with your granddaughter! Her card is super-fantastic!
    Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Tell Kaylee that this card ROCKS big time and her special someone is going to love it. They do grow up too fast don't they. Sure hope you're on the road to recovery.

  5. Aren't you sweet.. . .allowing her to use your stuff! FUNNY!
    IT's a fabulous card. I bet he loved it. Thanks for sharing it! LOVE IT!

  6. Oh wow! This card is so special - and COOL!! And wow for letting her use your STUFF!! hehehe. :0) Hope you're back to full health now sweety. Big hugs.

  7. Tell your granddaughter she has a good eye for card making. Well done.
    Theresa in Kitimat

  8. This card is beautiful! It oozes with Puppy Love! Your granddaughter is very talented, the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree :)

  9. Tell her from me she has made a stunning card there - love the choice of paper and of course the ribbon makes it - your work and help too..
    Sarah x

  10. This is fabulous. Love that big bow. Thanks for the business encouragement!! I need it..

  11. This is really adorable! Kaylee did a fabulous job. This little image is also sweet... is it a Sassy Cheryl? I may have to look for it!


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