Thursday, July 7, 2011

SMT Time Again

LOOKIE, LOOKIE, this is the real way I make a card.  Isn't it a mess?  I might have a gazillion pieces of papers on my workspace at any given time.  I am always trying to find just the right piece of DP.  I cut shapes and change my mind, I choose embellishments and change my mind.  I just make a big mess.  But the one thing I have to say is that I do clean up in between cards.  You see my workspace is in my kitchen and I can't leave it all over the table.  Someone will spill milk or splash ketchup all over my priceless possessions.  I don't know why my family can't eat in the living room, in front of the TV like the rest of America does? :)

I have received a lot of comments on my workspace being so neat and I realized that I was giving such a false impression. I looked back and I noticed that I have been taking pictures after cleaning up, so this week you get the real me.  Linda Compton - resident scrapping disaster!

Hope you enjoy you little snoop today.  By the way I want you to notice that is is THURSDAY and I posted on time!!!!  Quite proud of myself, or as Sarah would say quite chuffed!   

Now that I showed you mine, show me yours.  Grab your camera, snap; a pic and post it here!


  1. Yes chuffed you posted on time hun - and snap - Gus is my card today...great minds eh!...another word for you...Have a stonking fab weekend hun...(brilliant)
    Hugs Sarah x

  2. Nice to know someone is like me! I make an utter chaos when I craft!

  3. Now this scene, I am familiar with. You could probably move the refrigerator to the living room to encourage your family to stay out of your craft zone. Can't wait to see the results from your lovely mess.

  4. "Clean up that mess!!!" About time you showed your REAL side, I was gonna have to do it. Lol ~jeni :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your creative process with us this week, Linda!

  6. Ha ha ha! I knew it! :) Actually, you would be very proud of me today. I spent the last four days cleaning and reorganizing my scrap room. FOUR DAYS. It was a horrid mess!!!

  7. Hear, hear! That's where we eat most of the time. WHo ever heard of people eating at the kitchen table anymore! :)
    You're a messy sort, aren't you Mz. Linda!
    You have fun though, right? That's the most important thing!!!!
    Thanks for showing us your 'kitchen' this week. hee hee

  8. Oh Linda, this does indeed make me feel better. I knew you couldn't be that neat all the time. Thank you for exposing your TRUE self. I have to say that we eat at the kitchen table too. DH has a one track mind and is the slowest eater EVER. If he had a TV to watch, he'd never finish eating so I can clean up the kitchen.


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