Monday, October 25, 2010


Well here is a TOTALLY FUN card to make.  I was sitting at my craft table tonight when my SIL called me up.  We talked for 15 minutes or so and I started playing around with scraps of paper left over from my last Sassy Cheryl card.  I just started laying them out and moving them around and this was the end result.  The only thing I had to add from my stash was the yellow star and the cream colored paper I used for the card base.  EVERY BIT OF THE ELEMENTS of this card were already cut or punched and the scrap paper was laying on the table.  To bad I didn't take a picture of my workspace to prove it to you then I could have entered it in WOYWW.

It looked like a country quilt to me.  I started to zig zag stitch around the red to make it look even more like a quilt but then I thought I would preserve the simplicity of the card by leaving it just the way it is.  So, playing on a verse from a Dolly Parton song, I called it my Card of Many Colors.


  1. does look like a country quilt! Very cool!

  2. I love the "quilt" look to this one. I dont know how you did this on the phone...I know how you get when you get to talkin'! Lol Beautiful card Linda ~jeni :)


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