Saturday, August 27, 2011

What To Do When Irene Comes To Visit

What do you do when you live on the coast and a hurricane is brushing by with rain and wind?  Clean, organize and move your craft space, that's what!  Longtime followers of my blog know that I had my craft space set up in my kitchen.  I kept everything in plastic containers to keep it grease free (Paula Deen is my hero) and I used my kitchen table as my craft table.  That worked very well.  I cooked and even did my laundry while I crafted.  All was happy.

Then On August 10, 2011 my  bank introduced me to a new initiative.  It was called the 2011 Workforce Reduction Initiative.  They closed branches and laid-off 57 people.  I was one of those selected.   Now woe is me, but you all know I have wished I could stay home and color all day.  My wish was granted.  I now consider myself retired until another opportunity comes along to finance my Copic purchases.

My DH is already retired and sat in the living room watching TV while I sat in the kitchen crafting.    I felt guilty leaving the poor soul out there enjoying himself all alone and also got tired of getting up so he could tell me something or see something on TV.  So I moved my craft space right into my living room.  I took my entire Christmas Tree corner.   This arrangement has made our 2 furry children happy since they would rather sit at my feet on soft carpet that on the hard wooden floor in the kitchen.  So now my Christmas Tree will go in the kitchen and all is happy in Turtle Land.

The drawers on the left house all of my loose stamps, stamp pads and other supplies.  The stack in the middle house colored pencils, tools buttons and gemstones.  My tool, flowers, bakers twine, glues and other things are on top.

The stack on the left bottom is my 12x12 papers and the stack on the top is my 8 1/2 x 11 papers.  The stack on the bottom right is all my scraps sorted by colors.  The black box on tip is my container  of  Flower Softs.
My Cuddlebug  and two of my adhesive machines sit on top of that ( 9" one is under the table).

Under the table is my light board, assorted other necessities, two containers of stickers, a tote full of punches and the trash can which needs to be emptied.

Hope you enjoy my new crafting space.  Come on over and craft with me.  I just might serve you a yummy piece of cake like this one.  This lovely creation was made by my daughter.  She was taking a class and this is her first attempt at making flowers.  Isn't it phenomenal?  I do have to tease you a bit, but it tastes as good as it looks too!  Sure you don't want a piece, I have Dunkin Donuts coffee too!
Posting this one over at Sassy Cheryl's Show Me Fun.  Grab your camera, snap a picture of what you are up to and post there too.  You just might win a digi from Sassy Cheryl and you will have the opportunity to snoop into the lives of some really crafty people.  Happy Saturday to all!



  1. Oh Linda I really enjoyed this post of yours!Your craft supplies are so well organized-- mine are in a perpetual state of rearrangement.
    Daughters cake looks so good--Wish I could fly across continents to taste it!!

    Cheers from Bangalore ,India
    Dr Sonia S V

  2. Hi Linda,what an organized space,I also have a little corner in my living room.but where I live the houses are not so big lol
    Hope Irene will be nice to you all and dont do any demage
    Sorry for my poor English!
    Hugs Heidy

  3. OMG that cake - fab - I cannot use a piping bag...say well done to her it is fab...caraft space is great hun - now you can annoy people watching tv by stamping...Glad you are ok with Irene - wondered if it x'd yr path...glad you are safe....and sorry did not win the lottery for you this wk....wish I could afford to retire and craft...sneak back to work to craft on a lunchtime with Jeni..
    Sarah x

  4. Happy smiles hun! What a fabby crafting space! :0) Mine has long since been in my living room so that I can keep an eye on the kiddies while I craft. Hehehe. And talk (or not - lol) to hubby of an evening too. It works well. The "craft room" is now hubby's modelling room and I store my less used items in there too. Not my card or my treasured bits as it can get damp in winter. But go you!! :0) xx

  5. Linda, your new crafting corner is perfect and everything is at hand. I'm so glad Irene decided to leave you alone. I'll be there for some cake and coffee. It is beautiful. Tell your DD she did a fantastic job with her flowers.

  6. Hope you got through the storm ok.
    I think your daughter may have a career as a pastery chef. The cake looks amazing.

  7. Glad you could be so productive while Irene visited. She left me without electricity for almost 24 hours!!!

    I was in the same boat you have found yourself in February of 2010. Last month I gave in and signed up for Social Security and proclaim myself "retired"! And we're so young!!

    Your daughter's cake is incredible.

  8. Happy Retirement....enjoy your new scrapbooking space....I am sure my husband can't wait until our house is finished and I get out of the living room with all my stuff!!

  9. Love your new space. Hope you have fun coloring all day. Wish I could come for cake!!

  10. Your space is great! So organized. The cake is absolutely beautiful. Looks like your daughter has a real talent for cake decorating, what fun!


  11. Wow, that WAS a big project! I'm glad that you are closer to hubby and can share while coloring. Sorry to hear about the layoff. Hopefully, you are able to enjoy early Retirement!

  12. I'll take the WHOLE cake! WOW! Busy girl. You know it's really funny! I didn't move anything around, except for finishing in the garage, but I did the SAME THING! How cool is that!!!!!!
    Thanks for showing us! Looks great.

  13. Well, Happy Retirement, wanted or not. I am sure your husband enjoys you being in the same room as he with your crafting. Great organization of your supplies. Love the cake. Hope you LOVE retirement, we will love seeing more of your creations and your stories!!!!!

  14. Wow...I am out of the loop and didn't know any of your latest news. I hope you are doing well. I love the new and improved craft space. So organized!
    I cleaned during Irene thankful we didn't lose power.
    Thanks for sharing your space...

    The cake looks YUMMO!


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